Rahula College, a school with a great past and a glorious present, is one of the major Buddhists’ schools within Sri Lanka. The students of our school showcase abilities across different fields including education and sports. Popular as the leading Boys’ school in Matara, we have been unique and strong in many aspects throughout many decades. In a nutshell, our school remained and still remains as a major academic institution in Sri Lanka that has displayed many glamorous traits through students with forceful personalities, in other words, the backbone of our school that absolutely cherish.

The Astronomical society of Rahula College was charted back in 1993, and a few events were conducted by the older members of the society such as an Observation camp and a film show. Since the relaunch of the society in 2017, we have been working hard in order to implement many unique programs to improve the Astronomy-related knowledge of students in our own school as well as the ones from other schools. Not only that our projects were outstanding in Sri Lanka, but we have also been able to record many victories and championships throughout our journey. Our Society members stood out in many Astronomical events and brought pride and glory both to the society and the school.

  1. Rahal Cosmos’ 

    One of the main annual events organized by the Rahula College Astronomical Society, Rahal Cosmos’21 was the first ever Virtual Solo Astronomy Quiz Competition in Sri Lanka. This was participated by nearly 250 students and the Quiz Competition comprised of a Test paper and two interactive tasks for the students to gain knowledge and develop various skills. The event was a massive success and we had many pieces of feedback from both students and teachers.

  2. Illuminate’ 22

    Illuminate ’22 was an astronomy lecture series done by our society to improve the Astronomy-related knowledge across many different subjects of the students of our own school. Lecturers were mainly some people in Sri Lanka who have an excellent background in Astronomy and has a post related to the field. This lecture series was also conducted perfectly with the participation of many students and Quiz Team members.

  3. Stella Nox 2022

    This was an Intra school Observation and Astrophotography Workshop organized by our society with the intention to improve the practical skills of students through some interactive lectures and tasks. Mr. Geethika Sapukotana joined the event as a lecturer in Astrophotography and with his valuable help, we were able to conclude the event successfully making students aware about the practical areas of this subject.

  4. Conzovensia

    Conzovensia 2022 was an Intra school Quiz Competition conducted to test the Astronomy-related knowledge of students in our school. The test papers were prepared across various topics and students demonstrated some excellent abilities by facing it without any hesitation. The students who faced it with flying colours were given the opportunity to join the RCAS Quiz Team.

  5. Thrust

    As another step taken to improve the practical skills of students interested in Astronomy, this Intra School Rocketry workshop was organized by our society. It consisted of some introductory lectures on rockets, designing them and an activity for the students to demonstrate their skills by flying the water rockets they have prepared. A lot of participants presented us with positive comments on this workshop remarking it as a golden opportunity for them to unleash their hidden skills.

  6. Insasteria

    This was a unique event organized by our Society that took place around the first week of November 2022. It was basically planned to improve the Astronomy-related knowledge and skills of students from schools in the Matara District which do not have a firm background in this subject. As such, teams of students representing many schools within the Matara District joined the event, which consisted of an introductory lecture, a Quiz round and some Interactive activities, all which were designed to improve the interest for Astronomy within students. This event was significantly remarked by a lot of students as something which was both useful and for them.

  • Champions of Astron’23 – All Island Astronomy Competition Organized By the Astronomical Society of Trinity College
  • 1st Runner ups for the Uprising Trophy of Star Party ’21, organized by the Astronomical Society of Ananda College in collaboration with Astronomical Society of Mahamaya Girls’ College, Kandy.
  • Champions of the Documentary video creation category in SPHAERA’21, organized by the Astronomical Society of Girls’ High School, Kandy
  • Champions of the Documentary video creation category in Orizontas’22, organized by the Kingswood Astronomical Society, Kandy.
  • 2nd Runner ups of INTERSTELLAR ’22, the annual Inter-school Quiz competition organized by the Astronomical Society of Nalanda College, Colombo 10.
  • 1st Place from Star Party’ 24 in Digital Art Section – Minaga Samadith

Teachers in charge :

Mrs. Nimasha Madhubhashya
Mr. Ajith Manamperi

President :

Chalana Nethsara

Secretary :

Nimna Sachith

Instructors :

Sanjula Gathsara
Tharuka Wijesinghe
Savindu Sanduma

Treasurer :

Gayumika Rupasinghe

Chief Organizer :

Manji Liyanaarachchi

Vice President :

Bathila Wellage

Asst. Secretary :

Thaviru Rajapaksha

Asst. Treasurer :

Sajan Gaveesha

Chief Coordinators :

Hansira Weththasinghe
Sahan Sathsara

Media Coordinator :

Semika Lethnura

IT Coordinator :

Janiru Pulsitha

Editors :

Minaga Samadith
Nethaka Sandamith
Kisara Rajapaksha

THRUST ’23 – Intra School Rocketry Workshop and Competition

THRUST ’23 🚀✨Intra-school Rocketry Workshop and Competition This is a massive opportunity for young Rahulians to polish their knowledge in rocket science. In this event, you’ll learn about the concepts behind a rocket by designing and building your own. Date: 04th October 2023 Time: 2.00 pm – 5.00 pm Venue: School Premises Register with the…

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