• About Us

Rahula College is a prestigious Buddhist school located in the heart of Matara city, with an illustrious history spanning over a hundred years. The school has garnered a reputation for producing students who excel not just academically but also in sports and other areas of interest. It is no wonder that Rahula College is considered one of the top boys’ schools in Sri Lanka. Over the years, many students have taken up leadership roles and gone on to make meaningful contributions to society. In 2022, the Rahula College Aeronautical Association was established as part of the school’s efforts to foster innovation and creativity among its students. Despite being just a year old, this association has already made significant strides by undertaking unique projects and winning accolades at prestigious competitions dedicated to aerospace technology. The members are focused on harnessing their knowledge around Aeronautical technology and developing new ideas that can further advance their understanding in this field while spreading our college’s dominance throughout Sri Lanka. Indeed, both executive board members and committee members have proven incredibly committed throughout their tenure, making valuable contributions towards achieving these goals. With such empasasized commitment coupled with support from fellow teammates , it comes as little surprise that they have achieved so much success within short time span since establishment of Aeronautical Association .

  • Activities & Projects
  • Introductavia Lecture Series
    As the first project undertaken by the Aeronautical Association, this workshop series stands as a significant milestone for the college. The series was conducted completely online and focused on three vital aspects of aviation – Military Flying Operations, Aeronautical Engineering, and Air Traffic Controlling. The association invited three distinguished alumni serving in Sri Lanka Army to give lectures on each stage of this learning program. Their insights and experience were invaluable to aspiring students looking to further their knowledge in aeronautical technology. Students attending these lectures gained new perspectives about various topics related to aviation technology. Through this workshop series, students acquired necessary skills that will undoubtedly help them succeed in their academic pursuits while simultaneously paving their way towards successful careers in the field of aviation technology.
  • Rahal Aero Combat
    In order to enhance the technical knowledge of Rahal students interested in aviation technology, the college organized a thought-provoking and challenging quiz tournament titled “Rahal Aero Combat.” With online webinars as the mode of conduction, this competition was designed to test the participants’ knowledge in four distinct categories – Military Aviation, Aviation Technology, General and Commercial Aviation, and Aviation History. The organizers aimed at encouraging an in-depth understanding of aviation by presenting intriguing questions that challenged the participants’ comprehension skills. As a result of this event, students had access to additional information resulting from friendly discussions with members of our team. Undoubtedly, participating in such events widened their horizon on aviation technology and stimulated learning beyond textbooks. Overall, it was an innovative educational initiative towards enhancing understanding and knowledge application amongst students passionate about aviation technology.
  • Aviationzoid
    The Aeronautical Association has recently completed the first phase of its much-awaited Aviationzoid workshop series. This project was a hit among aviation enthusiasts who were keen to learn more about aviation technology and delve into the intricacies of flying machines. Conducted online, this practical workshop attracted a large number of students who were eager to gain hands-on experience as they explored various concepts and ideas related to aviation. The keyword “Aviationzoid” itself resonated with them, reflecting their passion for all things aircraft-related. Through the course of these workshops, participants had access to cutting-edge resources and support from experienced instructors who provided invaluable guidance as they embarked on this exciting journey towards mastering aviation skills.

Wings of the Maroons 2022 – Organized by Nalanda College, Colombo.

Champions of Aviron ’22 – Aviation Quiz organized by Kingswood Aeronautics and Aviation Society
  • Board of Officials

Teacher in Charge :

Mesith Palihawadana

President :

Thilina Sampath

Secretary :

Manji Liyanarachchi

Treasurer :

Tharun Devaraja

Vice President :

Bumindu Manuth

Assist. Secretary :

Suwindu Sithumina

Assist. Treasurer :

Malindu Hettiarachchi