With over a hundred years of history, the Board of Prefects at Rahula College recalls the past, embellishes the future, and adorns the splendor of the school.

Out of thousands of students, the prestigious crew can be seen as the link between the student body and the management of the school. It also links the school administration, the Old Boys Association, and the Rahula Old Prefects Association (ROPA). The goal of education is to promote all-round maturity. The Board of Prefects at Rahula College leads the way in achieving this goal with all the students in the school.

It is an eternal glory of brilliant personalities echoed through the generations. Throughout the hundred years of history and culture, this leadership position remains the most prestigious dream of Rahulians as the highest position of leadership available to a student. However, it is not a dream that every student holds dearly from the day they understand what mother Rahula is all about. There is much effort behind the scenes. It is a great responsibility and accountability to implement the procedures through active participation of the high standards that are expected from the Rahula community.

As a specific crew of the school premises, give fullest contribution to handle the routine of the school and do the duties and responsibilities which are assigned by the principal and academic staff.

Pivithuru Mathota 2024

“Pivithuru Mathota 2024” beach cleanup project organized by the Rahul College 2024/25 Prefects’ Board was held very successfully at Matara Beach on 02 April 2024 with the participation of prefects/leaders from other schools in Matara district.

Rahal Awurudu 2024

The Board of Prefects organized this year’s Rahal Awurudu event, which took place on the 13th of April 2024. The festivities were filled with joy, cultural performances, and camaraderie. It was a resounding success, leaving lasting memories for our school community

First Flag Ceremony 2024

The inaugural flag ceremony marked the beginning of an exciting journey, symbolizing unity, pride, and spirited competition.


Abhisheka 24′, the oaths giving ceremony of Rahula prefects was convened with all it’s glamour and prestige on 7th March 2024 at the school premises. The oath was taken by the newly appointed prefects to uphold and preserve values and traditions of the school.

Digitalize Rahula - Phase 1


The Board of Prefects of Rahula College 2023/24 has successfully conducted Digitalize Rahula while advancing with new technology. The project implements an RFID duty marking and digital attendance system for the prefects.

Api Wenuwn Api

The projects to distribute more than 100 dry food bags to our own people affected by the heavy floods caused by the heavy rains in Sri Lanka were successfully implemented on 11th October 2023 with a view to the people belonging to Malimbada West and Kadduwa which were heavily submerged.

Rahal Awurudu 2023

The Board of Prefects’ much-anticipated event, Rahal Awurudu, was once again a roaring success this year onn the 13th of April 2023.


The 2023 Abhisheka, the oath of the prefects of Rahula College, was conducted on February 24, 2023, at the school main hall. The event was presided over by the Principal of the College, Mr. Sudath Samarawickrama. The oath was taken by the newly appointed prefects, who pledged to uphold the values and traditions of the school.

Day of Dirigeants 2022

Day of Dirigeants 2022 – The Roar Of Ultimate Leadership” – All Island Prefects’ Day , was held successfully by the Board of Prefects 2022/23 , parallel with the 100th anniversary of Rahula College, on the 15th of January 2023.

Rahal Sixes 2022

Rahal Sixes 2022” Annual cricket tournament was successfully held by the Board of Prefects 2022/23 in School premises

Rahal Car Wash 2022

Rahal Car Wash 2022 was held on Sunday 09th October 2022. The event was organized by the Board of Prefects 2022/23 to raise funds for the school’s development projects.

Isiwarabhisheka 2022

“Isiwarabhisheka 2022” Teachers Appreciation Ceremony organized by Rahula College Board of prefects 2022/23 was successfully held on 06th of October 2022 at Rahula College premises.

Awake Together 2022

 “Awake Together 2022” Scholarship awarding project organized by Rahula College Board of prefects 2022/23 was successfully held on 26th of August 2022 at Rahula College premises.

Prathapawath Rahulaya

The school cleaning project “Prathapawath Rahulaya” was conducted on August 11, 2022. The project was organized by the Board of Prefects 2022/23 to clean the school premises and to raise awareness about the importance of cleanliness.


The “Pivithuru Mathota 2022” Beach Cleanup Project organized by Rahula College Board of prefects 2022/23 was successfully held on 19th May 2022 at Matara beach with the participation of fellow Prefects of other schools in the Matara District.

Rahal Rally

Rahal Rally 2016 is a motor racing competition organized by the Board of Prefects as the main fundraising project of the year. The competitors should accomplish their victory within a given time limit and the the winners are rewarded. The Board of Prefects of Rahula College is the only school organization in Sri Lanka to organize such an promising event

Let's Go Green

This is a massive reforestation  campaign conducted in association with Wildlife Conservation Department. Over 250 plants are being planted at Kirinda Hellakandura Forest Reserve for the sustainability of greenlife.

  • Fulfilling the educational desires while engaging the academic purpose.
  • Keep and maintain the traditions and values in a well disciplinary manner.
  • Keeping notes on record books and maintain them
  • Follow the cord of ethics
  • Preserve rules and regulations orderly.
  • Assigning the traditions to the younger generation under the guidance of constitution of the Board of Prefects.
  • Executive Board.
  • Senior Board.
  • Prefect Board.
  • Sub Prefect Board.
  • Apprentice Prefect Board.

Senior Board of Prefects 2023/24

Head Prefect : Nesanda Manthila
Chief Executive Organizer and Deputy Head Prefect : Shazan Inthaaj
Deputy Head Prefects :
Bathila Wellage
Geeneth Senadeera

The current mentors of the Board of Prefects of Rahula college are Mr. Nuwan Rathnayake and Mr. Keerthi Dharmapriya.

Mr. Madhura Liyanage is also honorably mentioned for his immense service to the Board of Prefect of Rahula College for consecutive 10 years since 2013 to 2023.

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