It’s a great honour for me to send a message to the Rahula official web page as the principal of Rahula College which has owned nearly a hundred years of proud history and dignity which shines in Sri Lanka and overseas as well and produces many intellectuals who inculcated with good human qualities and they render their valuable service to the motherland and foreign countries. I recall respectfully the immeasurable commitment of the former principals and teachers done to Mother Rahula, which paved the way to uplift the standard of the school to the present situation.

I believe that the team of this web page will maintain the culture of the school and follow the path taken by the former Rahula students who did their best on behalf of the school. This web site can be used to show the academic colours, innovative inventions, talents, different activities and achievements of Rahula students and also support them to develop these fields. Hense the present Rahula students will find their paths in the new technological world. I extended my wishes to the web team to reach these targets through their devotion.

Sudath Samarawickrama,
The Principal
Rahula College

Deputy Principals

Mr. W.A. Wickramasinghe - Deputy Principal - Finance and Administration
Mrs. J.K. Lalani Kumari - Deputy Principal - Educational Development
Mrs. K.K.R. De Silva - Deputy Principal - Co-Curricular Activities