The Scout Movement, started by Lord Robert Stevenson Smith Baden-Powell of Gilwell in 1907, marking a fresh page in the Rahula genealogy, received definite commentary on its inception in Rahula College in 1928. The then Principal of the College was Mr. G. William de Silva.

D.J. who served as the Honorary Principal of the College on 21st September 1951. During Kumarage’s tenure, the Rahula Scout Group was revived as the ‘Third Matara Rahula Scout Group’ with the participation of 20 scouts under the leadership of S.H.A. Senanayake, who was then a lecturer in English at the College.

Activities and projects

Establishment of the first Queen Scout Squadron of Matara District in 1953.

1953 Launch of the Human Scout Movement and the Puppet Scout Movement.

The Golden Age of the Third Rahula College Scout Group in Matara began with the appointment of Raja Muthukkara as the Scout Lecturer at Rahula College, 1980 – 2005.

In 1990, Lanka G. Nishantha Silva designed the official logo of Rahula College Third Matara Scout Group.

Holding the Ruby Jubilee Camp at the Rahula College Campus with the participation of about 3000 Scouts for the 40th Anniversary of the Rahula Scout Group in 1991.

Holding a District Scout Rally in 1992 to mark the 41st anniversary of the Rahula Scout Group.

Holding a District Scout Rally in 1993 to mark the 42nd anniversary of the Rahula Scout Group.

Organizing a Scout Day with around 300 Scouts to mark the 48th anniversary of the Rahula Scout Group in 1999

Organizing a Scout Day in 2003 to mark the 52nd anniversary of the Rahula College Scout Group.

Establishment of Rahula College Alumni Scout Forum in 2004.

Conducting a District Scout Training Program in the year 2008.

Launch of the Lions Awakening National Level Exploration Tournament launched in 2011. (It has been running continuously for 9 years now)

Creation of Rahula College Scout Flag in 2021.

An official logo was also unveiled in 2021 to mark the 70th anniversary of the Rahula College Scout Group.

The foundation stone for the new Scout House was laid in 2021.

Organizing the first All Island Online Scout Tournament ‘Inqu Expedition ’21’ in Sri Lanka in the year 2021

The Rahula College Scout Group has so far produced more than 500 Queen Scouts, Presidential Scouts and Gold Scouts.

  • 1956 – Winning the Shield for the Best Scout Team at the Scout Cemetery in Galle.
  • 1957 – A Rahula Scout representing the Rahula College Scout Group and Sri Lanka at the World Scout Jamboree held in England on the occasion of the World Scout Golden Jubilee.
  • 1963 – The 3rd Matara Scout Group won the Andrucalcott Royal Trophy, becoming the highest grossing group in the island during Scout Earnings Week.
  • 1965 – Winning the Shield for the Best Scout Team at the South Lanka Caboria held at Matara.
  • 1995 – The 3rd largest number of Presidential Scouts in Sri Lanka was awarded to Deyata Kirula in the 3rd place, Representing the scouts at the SAARC Jamboree in Pakistan.
  • 2002 – Rahula Scouts representing Sri Lanka at the Nippon Jamboree in Japan, Rahula Scouts representing Sri Lanka at the World Scout Jamboree in Britain.
  • 2003 – Rajans Jin becomes the best scout team in the Scout Jamboree.
  • 2004 – Participation in the International Courage Program in India
  • 2007 – Participation in the 21st World Scout Jamboree in England, Rahula College Scouts perform at the Air Scout Jamboree in Sri Lanka
  • 2008 – Four Rahula College Scouts successfully climb Mount Everest
  • 2017 – Attending the Philippine National Jamboree in the Philippines.
  • 2018 – Attending the International Group Leaders Jamboree in South Korea, Ranked third among schools producing the highest number of Presidential Scouts of the Year.
  • 2019 – Participating in the Bangladesh National Jamboree held in Bangladesh, Representing Sri Lanka at the 24th World Scout Jamboree in the United States.
  • 2020 – Rahula Scouts participate in the first Internet Jamboree in the history of Ceylon Scouts.

Recent News

Abhises 2021

Rahula College Singithi Scouts’ Badge Awarding Ceremony “Abhises 2021″ was held under the patronage of the Principal Mr. Sudath Samarawickrama, the District Commissioner of Scouts Mr. Indika Prasanna, Primary Principal Mrs. Pathmani Ganewatta and under the guidance of the teachers’ in-charge Mrs. Devika Mahirani and Mrs. Chandima Thilakarathna.Images Courtesy ~ Mr. Amila Nishantha Image courtesy…

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