Rahula College, a school with a great past and a glorious present, is one of the major Buddhists’ schools within Sri Lanka. The students of our school showcase abilities across different fields including education and sports. Popular as the leading Boys’ school in Matara, we have been unique and strong in many aspects throughout many decades. In a nutshell, our school remained and still remains as a major academic institution in Sri Lanka that has displayed many glamorous traits through students with forceful personalities, in other words, the backbone of our school that absolutely cherish

The Web Team of Rahula College was from 2012, and a few events were conducted by the older members of the society such as managing all the social media side of Rahula College. We have been working hard in order to maintain the Rahula College official website as well as the digital communication side representing Rahula College. Not only that our projects were outstanding, our official website has been rewarded “The Best Sinhala Website” also “The Best University & Education Institute Website”. Web Team members get together in many events by smashing barriers and brought pride and glory both to the team and the school.

The web team of Rahula College left no stone unturned in making the Science and Technology Exhibition “Vidyabhimani 2023” a grand success. They organized an interactive stall that showcased various aspects of technology, education, and entertainment. The visitors were treated to live broadcasting sessions where they could witness firsthand how live streams are done in cricket matches and events. Moreover, the stall also featured software development displays that gave insights into programming and scripting languages like Javascript and Python. For those interested in image editing, there were photo-editing workshops where participants could learn about graphics designing tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. And lastly, 3D modeling enthusiasts could witness demonstrations on how to create virtual objects using the software tool, Blender. Overall, the web team’s efforts ensured that Vidyabhimani 2023 was an educational yet entertaining experience for all who attended it – truly reflecting the essence of the Rahal Centenary Celebration

The Web team of Rahula College truly outdid themselves when they organized the live stream of the “Invited Schools t10 cricket tournament”. With their unwavering dedication and tireless efforts, they managed to bring the excitement of this special centenary celebration program to viewers far and wide. Thanks to their hard work, the event was telecast live on Youtube through RTV, with people tuning in from all corners of the globe. Not only that but it was also live-streamed on YouTube and the official website of Rahula College – ensuring that everyone had access to this thrilling display of cricketing skill and sportsmanship. The team’s attention to detail was apparent throughout the broadcast – with high-quality multiple camera views and superb audio quality contributing significantly towards creating an immersive experience for viewers. However, what stood out were the digital scoreboard and animation – both visually stunning features that drew audiences closer than ever before! Held on April 22nd – 23rd of 2023 at Uyanwatta Stadium, Matara. This event brought together eight schools for two days filled with non-stop action-packed moments. From start to finish, it epitomized everything that makes Web Team exceptional- cutting-edge technology combined with a passion for a sport that transcends boundaries bringing people together in a spirit of friendly competition.

The 12th Battle of the Golden Lions 2023, between Rahula College and Dharmapala College Pannipitiya, was a highly anticipated annual big match encounter that took place on 31st of March, 1st and 2nd of April 2023 at Uyanwaththa Stadium Matara. To ensure that no one missed out on the action, the web team of Rahula College successfully broadcasted the match live through various platforms including Youtube, Facebook and official website of Rahula College. This feat was made possible thanks to an innovative partnership with “thepapare.com” which saw the entire game telecasted through Dialog TV as well. With all these platforms available for viewing across Sri Lanka and beyond, it is clear that this year’s battle between Rahula College and Dharmapala College Pannipitiya will go down in history as one of the most watched matches ever!

The Web Team of Rahula College showcased their exceptional skills by providing live coverage of the “Rahal Ves Dancing Ceremony 2023”. This ceremony was the inaugural program of the much-awaited centenary celebration programme of Rahula College. This event was brought closer to its audience through a variety of platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and the official website. The team worked tirelessly to ensure that every detail of this grand occasion was captured and relayed in real time for those who couldn’t attend physically. Their efforts made it possible for people all over to witness this momentous occasion from wherever they were across the globe. From capturing stunning visuals and sounds to creating engaging commentary, the team provided an immersive experience for viewers at home – all through one platform of “RTV.”


  • In the Best Web LK competition, our official website was able to win the bronze medal in the category of “Best University and Education Institute Website.”
  • In the Best Web LK competition, our official website was able to be the merit winner in the category of Best Sinhala Website.

Teachers in Charge :

Mrs. Lalanika Rangodage
Mr. Nuwan Rathnayake

Senior Members :

Mr. Tharindu Roshan
Mr. Chamupathi Gigara Hettige
Mr. Chathuranga Liyanage
Mr. Pramudith Thenabadu
Mr. Madushanka Mohottala

President :

Rovindu Thamuditha

Secretary :

Janiru Oshan

Treasurer :

Hasaru Ransara

Organizer :

Janiru Pulsitha

Vice President :

Minaga Samadith

Vice Secretary :

Thaviru Hansada

Assistant Treasurer :

Nethmira Dulkith

Assistant Organizer :

Sathil Nethmira

Web Developers :

Rovindu Thamuditha
Chathuma Gamage
A.J.V.T Dilshan
Danuja Gamage
Usitha Indeewara
Manethu Pahasara

Graphic Designers :

Janiru Oshan
Minaga Samadith
Sasiru Virajith
Sathil Nethmira
Nethmira Dulkith
Sanula Dinsitha

Videographers :

Janiru Pulsitha
Hasaru Ransara
Sanira Bethmin
Lakindu Yahampath
Disathu Disathya

Photographers :

Pumindu Semika
Senitha Dilnula
Nimash Pahasara

Technician :

Malintha Dimsara

3D Designer :

Thinula Kethmina

Content Writer :

Thaviru Hansada

Newly Appointed Executive Board of Team Rahula Web for years 2024/25

To continue the legacy of Team Rahula Web, backbone of the school that cherishes eternal moments of success, congratulations are in order for the newly appointed Executive Board of Team Rahula Web for the years 2024/25. President : Rovindu Thamuditha Secretary : Janiru Oshan Treasurer : Hasaru Ransara Organizer : Janiru Pulsitha Vice Secretary :…

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