Buddhist Association is a school organization whose primary objective is to develop the moral values ​​and attitudes of the school community. The Buddhist Association of Rahula College, which has a student community of high qualities and moral values, also has a proud history.

  • Organizing Dhamma preaching programs on the day prior to Poya day.
  • Special celebrations on Vesak and Poson Poya days.
  • Organizing programs for the development of the moral values ​​of the Rahal community.
  • Maintaining the purity of the Buddha Pooja and the Buddha Mandir which are performed daily in the school premises.
  • Two members of each class representing classes of grades 6 to 11 and one committee member representing each grade will be appointed.
  • Members are appointed as one committee member representing each section of Advanced Level students.
  • The staff consists of Advanced Level and Ordinary Level students working under the guidance of the teacher in charge of the Rahula College Buddhist Association.
  • The school Buddhist Association operates under the supervision of the school Dharmacharya Thero, the Hon. Principal, Deputy and Assistant Principals.
  • 2019
  1. The play ‘Vesak Lantern’ presented by our college drama team for the Inter-School Buddhist Drama Competition was one of the three best dramas in the competition. The script of the play was rehearsed and rehearsed by Dr. Nipuna Balasuriya, Head of College Drama and Performing Arts.
  2. First Place in the Senior Speech Section of the Inter-School Student Skills Competition organized by the Matara Bodhi Conservation Council – Nisal Kodithuwakku
  • 2021
  1. Runner up of the ‘Damrada Panasara’ Dhamma Knowledge Competition organized by Dharmaraja College, Kandy. The team was trained by Mr. Premasiri, in charge of the Buddhist Association.
    Winning Team:
    Nisal Kodithuwakku
    Deneth Munasinghe
    Sachintha Dilshan
    Manji Liyanarachchi
    Susara Ruwanpathirana
  1. Winning the first and second places among the marks of the “Damrada Panasara” Dhamma Knowledge All Competition organized by Dharmaraja College, Kandy.