The Dancing Unit of Rahula College is an illustrious and integral part of the school’s identity. Through its traditional “udarata” dancing style, the Dancing Unit has successfully communicated the rich cultural heritage of Sri Lanka to the world. The sheer number of dancers who have contributed their talents to this unit is a testament to its popularity and importance. With a proud history spanning several years, the Rahula College Dancing Unit strives not only to showcase exceptional performances but also aims to develop individual qualities in each Rahulian performer by honing their skills. It is fascinating that one of the major parts of this tradition, “Ves Mangalya,” began in 2000 under Mr.S.K.Vellala’s leadership. Since then, it has grown into eight groups at present with Mrs.NB Gayani Jeevantha and Mrs.Malika Nayani Gunasekara as teachers in charge. Their dedication towards nurturing talent amongst students deserves praise and admiration as they contribute towards keeping Sri Lankan culture alive through dance forms like Ves Mangalya performed by talented Rahulians who take pride in showcasing traditional arts on global stages.

2022 :

“Nirmanathmaka Bera Wadanaya” – Third Place

2015 :

“Iradi Wannama” – Second Place

2013 :

“Kolmura Narthanaya” – Third Place

2012 :

“Gemi Natum Pathuru” – Third Place

2011 :

“Hanuma Wannama” – Second Place

2010 :

“Gajaga Wannama” – First Place
“Yahan Mutti Padaaya” Second Place

2009 :

“Kol Paaduwa” Second Place

2008 :

“Pol Padaya” – Second Place
“Thuraga Wannama” – Second Place

2007 :

“Iradi Wannama” – Second Place

2006 :

“Bulath Padaya” – Second Place

2005 :

“Dekethi Dakunu Dethi” – Second Place

2003 :

“Yakthun Padaya” – First Place
“Kadu Haraba” – Second Place
“Asne Natuma” – Third Place

2002 :

“Gog Gog Jin Jingatha Wannama” – First Place
“Maha Bo Wannama” – Second Place
“Asadrusha Wannama ” – Second Place

2001 :

“Hanuma Wannama” – First Place
“Pol Padaya” – Second Place

2000 :

“Bulath Padaya” – Third Place