The Rahula Science Society is a remarkable platform for students who aspire to explore the world of science and technology. This association hosts the biggest student participation in Rahula College, making it an exceptional hub for learning and innovation. The society was founded with a panel full of experts that ensure quality education and guidance to all its members. While the primary objective of this association is to organize various projects and competitions initiated by high school students, the senior committee appointed by these young minds plays a vital role too.

Creating a new generation of scientists who can bring positive change into the world through their work in science – truly spreading vitality across different fields.

Serving as an essential link between modernism and emerging scientific processes while taking knowledge forward continuously.

  • Vidyabhimani
    Vidyabhimani, the annual grand science, technology and art exhibition organized by A-level students of Rahula College Science Association, is a highly anticipated event every year. The exhibition runs for three to four days, showcasing various innovative projects and exhibits from different fields of study. In some years, the exhibition has even been extended to a week due to popular demand from the A-level students. Vidyabhimani ’23 was held with great success in conjunction with the Centenary Program under the leadership of Rahula College Science Association. This year’s exhibition included participation from all GCE AL students including Mathematics, Science, Technology, Arts and Commerce programs with over 12,000 attendees present on April 25th through 27th. The exhibition was made even more vibrant by sponsors including Central Bank of Sri Lanka, Department of Transport, Armed Forces, Department of Posts, Electricity Board, Livestock Management Board, Department of Prisons, as well as Faculty of Science and Faculty of Engineering of University of Ruhuna, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Engineering of University of Moratuwa as well as many government departments alongside university faculties who brought their own unique contributions to this year’s event making it one of biggest projects undertaken by Rahula Science Society so far in history.


  • Science Day
    The Science Day of Rahula College is an annual event that takes place with the participation of many schools across the island. This day holds a great importance for high school students and it is also organized in conjunction with the Vidyabhimani exhibition. The main focus of this day is to encourage and empower students to explore science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. The project consists of various valuable tasks including quiz programs, educational workshops conducted by professors from different areas such as physics, chemistry and biology. This project follows the principle of promoting harmony among different student communities by sharing knowledge through brother schools. Students who participate in these projects get a chance to work together on real-world challenges which helps them develop their critical thinking skills while fostering collaboration between individuals from diverse backgrounds.
    One notable accomplishment by the Science Society was exhuming a cow’s skeleton which they later cleaned and created into a complete skeletal model. Such tasks demonstrate our students’ sophistication and ability to do serious work while working together as a team towards their common goal.
    Overall, the Science Day at Rahula College provides an ideal platform for young minds to unleash their creativity while exploring scientific concepts in an interactive way. It inspires them to pursue STEM subjects further whilst building confidence within themselves as future scientists or engineers who can make significant contributions towards society’s betterment.

Teacher in Charge :

Mr. Amara Duminda Muthumala

President :

Nimeth Vinsara Marasingha

Chief Organizer :

Besoan Bometh Rasaputhra

Secretary :

Lehan Banuja Pathirana

Treasurer :

Sasindu Siriwardhana

Organizer(Maths) :

Thisaru Bhanuka Vidanagamachchi

Organizer(Bio) :

Manji Liyanarachchi

Editor :

Visith Rathnayake

Vice President :

Dulitha Induwara

Vice Secretary :

Venuja Wimalarathna

Committee Members :

Akash iduwara
Namal Deepaloka
Methupa Minadith
Chamindu Dewmith
Sadil Indeepa
Dasula Sethmika
Sandika Ranasinghe