Matara, Rahula College is a honored school with a rich history that spans 100 yearsacross the island and a present that helps to build that history.
Rahula College’s Western Percussion Band is another special group that has contributedto the growth of Rahula College. It is our mission to take the pride of Rahula College to theworld as a Percussion band on all occasions when the college is represented as the mainorchestra of the Southern Province.

Devote For The Glory Of Music !

We aim to take the pride of Rahula College to the world as a choir in all cases where the collegeis represented as the main orchestra of the Southern Province.

Members of The Rahula College Western Percussion Band are selected from studentsbetween grade 9 and grade 12. For the senior group, members are appointed from grade 12 and they will be given positions as well as responsibilities based on the ability and commitment of each student. The process is carried out by the teachers and senior team members in the Western Orchestra.

  • Marking the completion of 100 years of Rahula College,
    Rahula College, St. Thomas’ Boys’ College, St. Servatius’ College, St. Thomas’ Girls’ School,Sujatha College, Janadhipathi Vidyalaya, Mahinda Rajapaksha College (Boys Group), Mahinda
    Rajapaksha College (Girls Group) & Matara Central College were invited to Rahula College and friendly band show was held with great success.

2015 :

  • Mix Instrumental All Island 1st
  • Mix Instrumental Provincial 1st

2016 :

  • Mix Instrumental All Island 2nd
  • Mix Instrumental Provincial 1st

2017 :

  • Mix Instrumental All Island 1st
  • Mix Instrumental Provincial 1st

2019 :

  • Champer Group All Island 3rd

2022 :

  • Champer Group Provincial 1st

2023 :

  • Winner – Junior Western Dance – Provincial
  • Winner – Recorder Group (Open) – Provincial
  • Winner – Recorder Solo (Senior) – Provincial
  • Winner – Recorder Group (Open) – All Island
  • 1st Runner Up – Junior Western Dance – All Island
  • 1st Runner Up – Recorder Solo (Senior) – All Island

Teacher in Charge :

Mrs. Kushani Abeyrathne

Leader :

B. Senuda Dinsara Samarawickrama

Vice Leader :

H. J. Kishan Randima

Music Director :

K. A. Onitha Sanjutha

Senior Members :

N. H. Senuja Kalhara
 H. J. Kanishka Lakeeshan
Janindu Rashminda Malavipathirana
Tharuka Ranasinghe
Gagana Abhishek Hettihewa
Thiviru Hiruna Wickramarathna Gunasekara
K. P. Movindu Methnim
W. Mineth Mandive De Silva