Rahula College Robotics Club (RCRC) provides a sturdy foundation for students to build the wings in the world of robotics and AI. As one of the most activist organizations in Rahula College, we always keep the students inspired to innovate the world for a stunning future. Since 2013, we have been able to spread our fame by showcasing the robotics skills of students by representing RCSS in many national & international competitions. And also, we did not hesitate to organize various workshops and competitions as platforms for many students to showcase their skills and improve their knowledge.

To uplift robotic engineering skills among the youngsters which will direct them towards an excellent carrier.

To create an energetic generation of creative thinkers who will lead the society towards an elite level.

  • Vidyabhimani 2023
    The Robotics Club accomplished a great mission with the tremendous dedication of the members of the club to make the Science and Technology Exhibition “Vidyabhimani 23” a grand success. With the Largest Technological booth, we managed to capture the minds of the visitors for a moment with innovative productions and presentations of our robotic inventors. The Micro:bit Controller, Battle Bot, and Multi-modulated Robotic Car were extremely impressive for those curious about technology. Moreover, We were able to raise the interest of several generations in this futuristic field of innovation by presenting sensor-modulated creations such as Improved-automatic sanitizer liquid sprayer, Home security system prototype, Sound sensitive AC switch, Self-balancing bot, Multi-patterned LED cube, Line following bots, and many more. And also, worked to provide knowledge to the visitors about programming an Arduino project with C++ to make them inspired to step into Robotics. With this strenuous effort, the Robotics Club provided a great underprop to bring Vidyabhimani ʻ23 Exhibition to a unique degree.
  • Robotics Workshops & Training Sessions

    Since 2013, RCRC has organized more than 20 workshops & training sessions to develop the skills of the club members.

  • Inner School Robotics Competitions
  • Inter School Robotics Competitions
  • Robotics Outreach programs

2013 :

  • Sri Lanka Robotics Challenge – 2nd Runner Up & 5th Place

2014 :

  • IESL RoboGames – Winner

2015 :

  • Sri Lanka Robotics Challenge – 1st Runner Up

2016 :

  • Sri Lanka Robotics Challenge – 1st Runner Up

2017 :

  • IESL-UTE Rasberry Pi Challenge – Winner

2018 :

  • INCOHST IoT Competition – 1st Runner Up

2021 :

  • Sri Lanka Robotics Challenge – 5th Place
  • SLIIT Robofest – Champions

2022 :

  • SLTC Leathalbots – 2nd Runner Up
  • 2nd Place | Lethalbots 2022 by SLTC – Sandil Indeepa, Chamindu Dewmith

2023 :

  • Champion of CyberCanvas’23, the Inter-School Graphic Designing Competition
    1st Place – Janiru Oshan
    2nd Place – Minaga Samadith
  • IESL Robo Games Champions
    Dumindu Dhananjaya
    Chalana Nethsara

2024 :

  • School Category Champions from UWU Robot Battles – Chamindu Dewmith, Sandil Indeepa, Pramodya Deepal

Teacher in Charge :

Mr. Nuwan Rathnayake

President :

Dumindu Dhananjaya

Secretary :

Sandil Indeepa

Treasurer :

Chamindu Dewmith

Chief Organizer :

Manji Liyanarachchi

Editors :

Chalana Nethsara
Janiru Pulsitha

Vice President :

Pramodya Abeywickrama

Vice Secretary :

Manmeth Gayathma

Assist. Treasurer :

Minindu Dhananjaya

TRANSCENDENCE 2023 | The Robotics & IoT Workshop

TRANSCENDENCE 2023 – The Robotics & IoT Workshop organized by the Robotics Club of Rahula College & conducted by the IoT Lab of IT faculty, University of Moratuwa was successfully concluded on 03rd November 2023 with the participation of neighbor schools. The chief guest was Dr. B.H Sudantha, Student Counsellor, Dean, Faculty of Information Technology,…

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CyberCanvas’23, the Inter-School Graphic Designing Competition

Congratulations to the champion of CyberCanvas’23, the Inter-School Graphic Designing Competition organized by the Robotics Association of Ananda College. Check out the winning masterpieces here :- 1st Place :- Janiru Oshanhttps://bit.ly/cybercanvas23_1stplace 2nd Place :- Minga Samadithhttps://bit.ly/cybercanvas23_2ndplace

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