The Model United Nations Club of Rahula College Matara, known as MUN, is a dynamic and influential organization that provides a platform for students to engage in diplomacy, global issues, and public speaking. Established with the aim of fostering critical thinking, leadership, and negotiation skills, the MUN club has become a hub of intellectual discourse and cultural exchange.

MUN is an educational simulation of the United Nations where students assume the roles of delegates representing different countries. Through research, debate, and collaboration, participants tackle complex global challenges while following diplomatic procedures and protocols. Rahula College Matara has embraced this transformative experience, recognizing the immense benefits it brings to students’ personal growth and understanding of international affairs.

Creating the voices for a better future.


“The MUN,” organized by the Model United Nations Club of Rahula College Matara, is an esteemed model United Nations session that took place in 2016 and 2019. The sessions were conducted in a grand manner, leaving a lasting impact on participants and attendees alike. Embracing the motto “EX NIHILO NIHILFIT,” which translates to “Nothing comes from nothing,” the sessions aimed to inspire critical thinking and creative problem-solving among the participants.