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The Photographic Art Society at Rahula College Matara is a thriving community that adds a touch of artistic brilliance to every program in our school. With their keen eye for detail and creative perspectives, the club members of the Photographic Art Society capture the essence of each event, ensuring that no moment goes unnoticed. From academic gatherings to cultural festivals, sports events to charity drives, their cameras are always ready to freeze those precious memories in time. Through their lens, they bring to life the spirit, joy, and camaraderie shared within our school community. The Photographic Art Society’s contribution to every program is invaluable, as their photographs become cherished keepsakes that preserve our school’s history and showcase the vibrancy of Rahula College Matara to the world.

Teacher in Charge :

Mrs. Anuradha Jayawardhana

President :

Dilmithu Abeykoon

Secretary :

Hesandu Uyangoda

Treasurer :

Chalina Weddarachchi

Organizer :

Bumindu Manuth

Chief Coordinator :

linuka wijesinghe

Vice President :

Resandu Tharuneth

Vice Secretary :

Thavisha Sandesh