Rahula College has been one of the leading lights in Sri Lanka’s educational landscape, having been in operation for over a century. The college was established by the Buddhist Society under the name of Parakaramabahu Vidyalaya, with the intention of providing a quality education based on discipline and spirituality. Parakaramabahu Vidyalaya gained ground at the present location of “Saram Mudali Walawwa” donated by Mr. Odiris de Silva, changing its former name to “Rahula College”.

The school has gradually developed with physical resources such as Kala Bhawana, Rajatha Jayanthi Hall, Wijesinha Hall, Gunathilaka Memorial Hall, Vanigasekara Hall and Wijayathunga Hall. These resources have helped the school to grow and provide quality education to its students.

On 16.06.1997, the foundation stone was laid by the Hon’ble Minister of Education and Higher Education Mr. Tivad Pathirana for Wajra Jayanti, three-storied building which was a paradise that opened the doors of the universe to its students. This bookshelf, which was maintained in a small area of the school until then, has been well documented since 1975. 01. 01. 

It begins with “Vaskoda Gama” of D. P. R. Samaranayaka as the first book of the library. The library was originally located on the first floor of the school, and later it has been expanded as a reference unit on the third floor. The primary school has also opened a library for grades 1-5. Over 50 memberships were recognized at the beginning of the library which reflects the enthusiasm of the young readers in the area to utilize this fantastic resource. There were encyclopedias, dictionaries, Sri Lanka Special Collections, and Martin Wickramasinghe Special Collections among the book collections.

Let’s share the information to make a perfect citizen.

Educate a creative and perfect citizen by meeting the information needs of the educational process.

This revealed opportunities for children’s desire to read, improvement of reading skills and creations as well as the evaluation of creations within reader’s society.

Marking a new turning point to the history of Amarathunga Library, a library readers’ club was formed on 17.10.2022. The recruitment of members took place at the very beginning, and more than 50 readers could be recognized as members.

This club will provide an opportunity for like-minded individuals to come together and discuss their shared love of books and reading. It is hoped that this will create a stronger sense of community among library users and help to promote the library’s role as a vital resource for knowledge and culture.

Today Marks the launch of the annual magazine “Rahal Sandesa”, a platform which showcases and appreciates the talents and creations of Rahal Brothers. This year’s edition is particularly special, as it features a selection of never-before-seen works by proud Rahulians.

President :

Jalaka Mandira

Secretary :

Danuja Gamage

Treasurer :

Nethupa Damsith

Editors :

Rayid Rameesh
Bihana Dulsith

Vice President :

Sanuda Wickramasinghe

Vice Secretary :

Thisara Nethma

Grade Rep :

L.M Naveera
Lithira G.G Devindu
R.L.L Nimsara
R.P Sendupa