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Rahula College, a proud school in Matara, was the first Buddhist school in Matara District. The Sinhala Debate Association is a special unit at Rahula College that helps students improve their ability to speak in public and think critically. Through its programs, the association helps prepare students to face facts with confidence, so that they can make a positive contribution to society in the future.

The Sinhala Debate Association, which has won many All-Island victories for Mother Rahula, has also managed to get Rahula debaters to participate in various media programs on several occasions. The Rahula College Debate Association, which has a well-known name in various fields, organized the Centenary Inter-School All-Island Debate Tournament this year, bringing fame to Mother Rahula by providing a fresh new experience for the students. This All-Island debate tournament, which was held with the participation of 64 schools, raised the name of Rahula even higher. The leading schools of Sri Lanka participated in this All Island Debating Tournament and the tournament received praise from everyone. Mrs. H.M.S. Abeywardena, as the leader of the Sinhala Debate Association, has been instrumental in helping elevate the Speech and Debate Association to new heights. Her guidance, expertise, and dedication have been invaluable assets in shaping the association’s programs and activities, and in helping students develop their public speaking and critical thinking skills.

In 2023, the executive board of the Sinhala Speech and Debate Association is playing a big role in uplifting the association. This year, the debate association started to train members in great social speech work and speech format with the support of the members, according to the basic concept of the current president. In addition to imparting knowledge to new members, talented speakers and debaters from other schools were invited to give special lectures on several occasions with the help of seniors.


The Executive Board, which performed many exceptional works for the College Sinhala Speech and Debate Association in one year, is as follows:

President :

H. B. Enura Nethmina

Secretary :

Hiviru Himansa


Treasurer :

Bhanuka Hagoda

Vice President :

Malindu Gamage

Vice Secretary :

Semika Withana