Sanula Dinsitha Lokugamage 
Class: 8-I

In our life we don’t make only things that we enjoy doing. Actually when we are born, then according to our period of living we grow, so we die but, we don’t like although, is necessary to our survival.

In our life there are many activities and things that we don’t like to do. Let me explain that point through examples.

For an example, as a whole the children like to study hard because they know that education is first. So on the other hand, there are some students that haven’t any target and always think like “I can’t”. Therefore they don’t learn but, they have to listen to teachers, their parents and do it.

Then when we go to school we study discipline that we don’t like but, is essential to us to know something about the History, Mathematics or Science.

Another example is the most of the children like to do things or
activities that are harmful to others but, they have to control them and be a good child. Although they don’t like it but, they have to listen elders and learn good things.

On these days we all are afraid because of this covid-19 pandemic.
Although some people who love their country are doing many things to protect this country from covid-19. Do you think they like to do those? Not really but, they do those without any fear. So the point is they don’t like to go outside and do many things or get PCR or Antigens but, they should do.

Let me explain that statement deeply. As a whole children in between 10-18 don’t listen to elders, their parents and teachers. Even I have seen it. Their parents give advice or their teachers give some knowledge about various things but, they don’t like it and do various useless things. Even I have seen it so I’ll explain. When the Mathematics teacher was teaching a lesson, some
students were disturbing her like tapping to the desk or asking various
questions that are out of the lesson. So like that. The teachers, parents or
elders have to punish them and thoroughly give advice. Although the students don’t like to hear. That is a great example for this statement.

As my conclusion, there are many things that we don’t like to do or hear. So I have given some examples for that. According to those, people should sometimes do things that they don’t like or don’t enjoy doing because  it is
important to their lives.

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