The Robotics Association of Rahula College (RARC) is a student-run organization that promotes the study and development of robotics at Rahula College. The RARC was founded in 2016 by a group of students who were passionate about robotics. The RARC has since grown to become one of the leading robotics organizations in Sri Lanka.

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  • Robotics workshops and training sessions
  • Robotics competitions
  • Robotics research projects
  • Robotics outreach programs

The RARC also has a strong social media presence and regularly posts updates on its activities and events. The RARC is a great resource for students who are interested in learning more about robotics.

  • Won the 2017 Sri Lanka Robotics Challenge (School Category)
  • Won the 2018 Sri Lanka Robotics Challenge (School Category)
  • Won the 2019 Sri Lanka Robotics Challenge (School Category)
  • Represented Sri Lanka at the 2018 International Robotics Olympiad (IRO) in Thailand
  • Represented Sri Lanka at the 2019 International Robotics Olympiad (IRO) in Brazil

Teacher in Charge :

Mr. Nuwan Rathnayake

President :

Dumindu Dhananjaya

Secretary :

Sandil Indeepa

Treasurer :

Chamindu Dewmith

Chief Organizer :

manji Liyanarachchi

Editors :

Chalana Nethsara
Janiru Pulsitha

Vice President :

Pramodya Abeywickrama

Vice Secretary :

Manmeth Gayathma

Assist. Treasurer :

Minindu Dhananjaya